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CHMOD: What is it?

How do you use CHMOD?

There are many commands in UNIX; one of the commands is called chmod. Chmod is use for changing file permissions, but first you should find out how to check the permissions by using the command ls -l, which means give me a long listing. It is very detailed. When you use ls -l command it will show you seven things and out of the seven is the file permissions. The file permissions look like this: “drwxrwxrwx”. The permissions are divided into four categories. The character d means if the file is a directory. The next three characters belong to the owner, then the owner?s groups, and lastly is the; everyone group. The character r stands for read, which gives the user to open and read the file. The character w stands for write, which allows the user to write to the file, and the character x stands for execute which lets the user to execute the file. [continue reading…]

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