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Interviewing and Preparing Your Interview

Chapter 1 in the book Ace the IT Job Interview is mainly about how to get a job, and has some tips, for IT Professionals what to do while in an interview. It shows how the IT Managers perspective on the hiring process.

Information Technology Managers have four basic needs to be answered and they are: reliable, hard working and customer oriented types of people. These types of people fall within this question? Can you do the job?? Another way you can prove you can do the job is to have assessment tests. They talk about the assessment test that they are certifications. Certifications are performance tests to prove that you know how to do the job. ?What will you cost?? is another question meaning how much the company has to spend for you to work. Managers look for someone that can do the work with ease and quickness and is worth what they spend to keep them around. ?Will you stick around?? The book also talks about how IT managers are looking for people who are going to be with the company for a long time. They call these people (IT). Lastly Will you fit in?? The book talks about how a certain age group can be a decision point. They give the example if the interviewer is older then you and the IT team is also older then you, you might not have that much in common to work with them. Rather being in the same work environment.

Another aspect this chapter talks about is that there are different styles for every manager. There are four main points they talk about, Model Decision Makers. Model Decision Makers these type of managers use a template to make decisions. An example is that they use a pre-defined list of good qualities along with the bad to narrow the search down. Quantitative Decision Maker, these people look at test taking skills. This means that you need to be very good at tests. Gut Decision Makers are very different from quantitative; Gut Decision Makers use their feeling and their emotions to choose. Lastly, just get me warm body decision makers, are people who need to fill the position very quickly, and looks for the first person that responds to the opening.

In conclusion, you should be very well prepared. Remember to bring any tests that you might have taken. Write a list of questions to bring with you then you can know more about the company. When beginning the interview and ending you should use a salutation greeting.

Moreira, Paula(Author). Ace the IT Job Interview!.
Blacklick, OH, USA: McGraw-Hill Professional, 2002. p 4.

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